Why Catholic Education?

Recent ACT/Aspire scores for grades 3-8 exceeded national scores.

View the ACT subject proficiency by grade level.

Academic Success

99% Higher learning or military attendance for students graduating from our BMCHS.

Catholic schools give children a chance to reach their full academic potential. Because of skillful and compassionate instructors, children get more interaction with their teachers when needed. This means students who are having a hard time keeping up get the help they need to improve, and children who are already at the top of their class can be given the work they need to stay engaged with school.

Catholic schools provide a quality curriculum built for academic success, and a community that cares about each student’s needs. For Reno, this can be demonstrated by the 100% graduation rate and 99% college, university or military attendance for students graduating from a Catholic high school.


99% of students in grades 3-8 are either exceeding, ready, or close to proficiency in English.


95% of students in grades 3-8 are either exceeding, ready, or close to proficiency in Math.


87% of students in grades 3-8 are either exceeding, ready, or close to proficiency in Science.

A Safe Place to Learn

Bullying and bad influences are a major concern for parents choosing a school. No one wants to leave their child somewhere where they can be harmed emotionally or physically. Catholic schools reduce these problems through the use of uniforms, selective attendance and the teaching of the Christian principles of kindness and love for one’s neighbor. The goal of every teacher and faculty member is to create a safe place for your child to learn and grow.

A Close Community

Everyone belongs to a community, but how close and how valuable those communities are varies. Catholic schools do something that very few other institutions do today. They create strong communities. Children and parents are encouraged to know each other and participate in all kinds of outside-the-classroom activities. Catholic school offers a unique experience for children to belong to a community of students, parents and faculty that genuinely care for their well-being. A place where they feel they can belong.

Guided by Christ

Catholic school educates the whole person. Religious education is designed to provide a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive, and systematic presentation of Catholic beliefs so that students will grow in their personal relationship with God, be knowledgeable about their Catholic faith, and integrate these beliefs and traditions into their personal lives.

What Do You Love About Catholic School?

We asked parents and kids attending Catholic schools in the Diocese of Reno what they love about Catholic school.

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